Fresh Basil from Stonykill Farms

basilLOCAL. That’s what you’re getting here. As good as it truly gets. We just picked up a few pounds and it’s going into dinners tonight at all four of our restaurants. As a chef, this is exciting. An ingrediant that’s personal, fresh and alive. We see it as a special item all of it’s own – and we’re preparing a few dishes especially for the next couple nights while it’s at it’s best:

Vine Ripened Tomatoes, Torn Basil, Grilled Peasant Bread, EVOO, Fiore di Latte Mozzarella

Sliced Housemade Mozzarella, Vine Ripened Tomatoes, Torn Basil, EVOO, Fire Roasted Peppers

Prosciutto Wrapped Mozzarella, Italian Bread Crumbs, Tomato Basil Sauce

How about Vanilla/Basil Ice Cream? Yes, we’re going to play and if you’re adventurous we hope you’ll jump in. In the next few days we’re expecting a fresh crop of Hot Peppers & Herbed Ricotta. Gathering the raw materials for our art is just about as much fun as the cooking – and it’s great to be able to rant about it a little – we’d like to keep you as up to date as possible – and if you’re interested – follow us on Twitter, it’s our prime channel for the quick update, which always leads back to our site for the details and subtlety that Twitter can’t quite handle in 140 characters.

Now, back to the kitchen to start prep on the Basil. Hope you can join us for the feast!